Fashion and I

Fashion and I

First post It’s so excited!

Let me introduce myself first – my name is Daniel (pronounce Danielle) and I’m 26 years old.

I love fashion since I can remember myself. My dad used to bring me clothes from his trips to Europe and the US, and I remember how much it makes me feel special and to stands out compering to other girls. When I’m looking on pictures of myself from the past, my first thought is always ‘why did I wear this??”, but this is the beauty and what I love in fashion, it changes all the time.

By Noy Dekel

I wanted to start a blog for such a long time, and I always made different excuses about why I won’t be good at it. Every time that I even thought about it, I had filled myself with negative thoughts and shut them down immediately. I was afraid (and in some way still) of faliure, because I have high expectations.

Once I finally decided that this is going to by journey, my daily fashion dairy, and here I will put all my thought I realized that this could be fun!

It took me a while to understand that the only reason I’m not starting blogging is my fear of failure, the thought that there will always be someone better then me. I couldn’t let it go, until I realize that there is nothing else I want to do more then FASHION.

One of things that was hard for me to define before I decided to start the blog was my style. I can tell you what you will find in my closet – clothes from all around the world (from the time I use a flight attendant), most of them are colorful, lack of blacks, a lot of white shirts and florals, all kind of Silhouettes, natural colors shoes, statement accessories.

Even today, it is hard for me to define what I love, and what to buy. I’m trying not to fall to current trends and to buy clothes that compliment my figure. Of course it’s not always the case, because I buy what I find in the store.

By Noy Dekel

I can wake up in the morning and feel like wearing boho clothes and the next day wear all black (with some colorful accessories). No matter what my mood is in the morning, I’m trying to put my best combination because I’m strongly believe that fun clothes = fun mood.

Hope my blog will inspire you to do the same!




Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

Danny-to-wear was founded by me in 2017. I grew up in Israel, then moved to New York City to study at FIT. While growing up in a small country, I always looked for ways to express my individual personalty. This blog was created in order to give myself the stage to write about fashion as I always wanted to.

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