Flowers Are Forever

Flowers Are Forever

Have you ever stopped for few minutes and wondered why we are seeing all these floral prints all the time? In past seasons, floral used to be patterns for spring and summer and they were less common for fall. In the last few years we do see them more and more on runways also for other seasons, and the flowers are not going anywhere. Designers are using flowers pattern on anything related to apparel, and we this print also on the non-apparel industry, especially on home-decor.

Some phycologists will explain this phenomenon due to what’s happening to the world in the last few years. We see global warming, wars, terrors, a lot of political events and changing, and it’s all affect us. The people. The flowers prints and patterns on clothes, accessories, shoes and more, are helping to ‘calm down’ the consumer who wear this trend.

by Maria Kepinski

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: YSL
Bag: Chanel

I believe they are right if you think about it. Our world is getting crazier every day, and we want to stop this madness and feel more… happier. We will do that by wearing something ‘fun’. Accompanied by a correct color palette and the correct use of color in an item, designer or a retailer can call this topic a success. And what about us the women? We love flowers! We really want to see them everywhere! On dresses, skirts, shoes, bags and more. And we will never get tired of them either.

By Rotem Lavi

So how do you actually make floral garments looks good on you, and which colors should you choose and for which season?

For the winter season we see details with a black background or other dark color such as dark blue or purple, with large flower prints on them without too much contract with the base color. We want to maintain a relatively heavy shade and colors that are suitable for the winter season mood. The main theme of flowers this winter is ‘the secret of the hidden garden; mysterious flowers, some of them are embroidered, and some of them seem imaginative illustrator.

For the summer season we will see more details with a white background with contrasting colors on the flowers. Towards Spring / Summer 2018, we will also see a change in the style of the flowers. The flowers will look more water colors with soft hues, while the silhouette will be more angelic / princesses.

Personally I like to styling the look with a leather jacket or faux fur coat and boots during the winter, depends on the style of the dress. For the summer I prefer to go with classic look of sandals and neutral bag. As for makeup, a bold lipstick in the color of one of the colors could give the total look a final touch of style.

At the end of the day you don’t have to be afraid to wear flowers. Flowers are meant to make you happy, to put a smile on your face, and on other people that passes you in the street. It doesn’t matter what theme you decided to style it , be bold and enjoy it!

Xx Daniel




Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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