It’s a Check Print Trend Season

It’s a Check Print Trend Season

Recently, Zara announced their check print collection and released some editorial pictures showcasing their new pieces. Nonetheless, plaid jackets and pants have been around for the past few months, so if you followed this trend yet, it is time to start. The plaid or check trend is in style is fashionable since Fall 2017 if you look at almost all the designers and brands out there, but it has actually been in style since the yellow plaid suit by Mona May worn by Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) on the movie Clueless. The film is  considered a cult movie by many fashion lovers around the world and the fashion industry till this day.

The check print is changing constantly, and always looks chic with the right accessories. In today market, you can find this print in different colors and shapes, and it’s becoming a fashion essential, almost like a good pair of jeans.

Personally, I prefer wearing a check jacket or pants, but you can also find dresses and shirts that can look cute with every neutral accessories or shoes.

Plaid skirts are more common in dark colors combinations such as burgundy and navy mix. The key in matching colors with this trend is to look for the colors on your clothes – for example, if your jacket has white and black colors, I would play with those neutral colors and add one bold color to make this look pop. If you look at the clothes I’m wearing in the pictures, the mix of colors involves colors such as light brown, so I chose to add gold elements to the look.

I prepared these two simple looks demonstrating how to wear check clothes, that would work with everything you have in your closet. The first look consists of casual ripped jeans, white sweater and a check jacket. You can wear this look to your office or an important meeting. If you are looking for a sophisticated look, you can wear any black pants or jeans and pair them with high heels.

The second look is an urban cool street style, which I styled with bulk shoes, white sweatshirt, statement belt and a chic hat. You can style this look however you feel comfortable.

You can find links to similar looks at the bottom of this post!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading,

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Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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