My New York Fashion Week Experience

My New York Fashion Week Experience

One of my biggest goals I had since I was little girl was to attend New York Fashion Week, or any Fashion Week to be honest. I remember how I was seating in front of the TV, watching FTV (fashion TV channel in Israel), and following the runways, designers’ stories, and models interviews. I would imagine myself there too, between all the crowed or seating at the front row. It wasn’t really matter to me as long as I can be involved and feel part of this.

Pants and shirt: Zara, Belt: Gucci, Hat: H&M, Bag: Martella

When I first got to New York, fashion week became a bigger fantasy because those events are close to public and I was this public. Since I moved here, I always had something I needed to do, first semester, work, traveling etc. so I every time I found a different excuse way this place is not really for me.

On September 2017, I was lucky to attended Alexander Wang SS17 show, and the feeling was amazing. It was a pop-up fashion show in three different locations in New York and Bushwik. Since then I promised myself, or at least told to myself, that I have to try and be part of it again in the future.

When I received invitation to attend fashion week this season (spring 2018), I was beyond thrilled. First, I did not expect it at all. Second, I was between moving apartments, work, and the beginning of a new semester at FIT. I felt that I’m going to make my childhood dream become my adult reality and it felt right. I felt like I needed this so I can remind myself why I’m doing whatever I want to do, and might get some motivation to do it batter.

As I mentioned on the other paragraph, I was between moving apartments, so all my clothes were in boxes so it was hard for me to plan what to wear! I freaked out, and decided I’m going to take this experience as learning experience for next my fashion week, and just have fun. My looks were pretty simple with some edgy accessories, such as my Martella Bag, and my Coach boots.


Pants, shirt and shoes: Zara, Cardigan: private collection from Paris, Coat: Jerus, Bag: MeDusa


I tried to go to many shows that I could considering my work-school-life schedule. In total, I have seen five shows and one presentation in three days. The adrenalin was something I cannot describe in words. The sounds of the 100 cameras clicking and capturing the runways looks was the perfect sound. The after shows networking was also fun, because I got to know other bloggers and interesting people (such as @luceral and @guapayconestilo from Spain!).


I hope I will get the chance to attend on the next NYFW comping up on September!

Have a fashionable and wonderful week,

Xx Daniel.


Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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