Blown by the Wind of Spring

Lately I’m getting a lot of questions about ‘how to dress and style in this New York wired spring weather’. It’s really crazy out there, we are in mid April and the weather is going out of it’s mind! My best advice would be to keep all those clothes you dying to donate (Yes! Donate your clothes, never throw them away – most people are not lucky as you are), and just play with them.

I believe that the best way to style whatever you want in this weather is to master clothes layering and this is the best time of the year to learn it. I know it sounds tricky, but as soon as you get the idea of how to do it you will have so much fun.

Here some ground rules:

  1. Always start with the basic pants/shirt. You can also put cool tank top if the weather is nice
  2. Know you body type. You don’t want to layer and make yourself look shorter.
  3. Use cool prints! Up and down strips (such as in my dress), will always make you look taller.
  4. Throw away light scarf. It could also be a silk print scarf, perfect in this weather.
  5. Don’t be afraid! Look at the colors you have in the closet, and built a nice color scheme with them (I mean – dark and light blue, with a touch of red is great combination!)

Another accessory you can always add is a leather jacket. My Fashion Merchandise professor used to call this season ‘the leather season’ instead of spring. It’s this small time window between this nicely spring weather and the humidity of the summer.

My way to deal with this weather:

Combine between your favorite dress and your favorite shirt! If the temperatures are a bit low you can always add funky or clear tights (depends on your mood), knee high boots or sneakers. If you want to add more interest in your outfit you can always add cool accessorize such as a hat or matching bag. I never say ‘no’ for too much accessories.

You can scroll down to see more details about my look, and other cool ideas!

Have a nice and warm weekend,

Xx Daniel


Shirt and Dress – Zara

Bag – TopShop

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman




Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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