Wide Leg Pants Casual Chic

Wide Leg Pants Casual Chic

Long time no writing! Honestly, I was caught up in a lot of work assignments that took the majority of my free time, but I promise I would make up about it in the next few weeks. As usuall, I’m tend to get off my original subject which is those awesome wide leg pants. Last time I went to phootshoot, it was in the middle of all those assignments I had (school, work, general life tasks, etc.), I found those pair of wide leg pants a day before the photoshoot. I was looking for something similar for so long, that I didn’t had a problem to pay any price, as long they look good.

Like most of my clothes, I didn’t plan to buy the pants. I had a picture of something similar at the back of my head, and when I didn’t found what I was looking for, I started to let it go. A day before the photoshoot, I was shopping for a wedding suit for my good friend and the photographer of those wonderful pictures, Shay. While he was looking for white shirts, I spotted those awesome pants, and they were all I ever wanted.

The minute I saw the pants I knew it’s going to be long-term relationships, and I was hurry to get home so I can style them for the photoshoot the day after. They are classic, very flattering, and the color is eternal. But above all, they were XS! I don’t know if it’s because I’m short and they have large range of sizes, or because I didn’t eat much that day. Whatever the reason, they made me happy.

I decided to style my pants in a very simple way, because those pants taking a lot of attention, I thought to wear cool accessories that won’t be too bold, and still will pop up this look. Because of the color of the pants, white T-shirt is a classic choice to add as a top, and matching color for shoes and sunnies are closing this look and give it some twist. Personally, I love the combination of green and red, but I believe that bright blue will go nicely as well. You can easily wear this pants for a dinner party, with the right heels and top.



Shirt – Zara

Pants – BCBG (direct link below)

Shoes – Zara

Eyewear – Vintage Original

Bag – Chanel


Things to take into consideration: those pants might looks great but they not look the same on every body type. I would suggest to try them in store before you buy.


Have a great week! Xx


Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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