The Full Guide to Corfu

Corfu is one of the best islands I visited, and it has everything you need. Beautiful beaches, amazing view, clear blue water and great food. It’s located in front of Albania shore, at the meeting of the Ionian sea and the Adriatic sea. It’s easy to get there, and it’s the perfect combination of the Italian landscape and the Greek food. Did I already said – perfect getaway?

Season and Transportation, and Other Things to Know

The best season to visit is during the summer time between May – August. The weather is perfect, and can reach up to 35 degrees, during the day.

Getting to Corfu is very easy – flights are landing from all around Europe and Israel, and cost about 200$. In the island I would recommend to rent a car, depends on the length of your stay and your hotel location. Some hotels has organized tours to different areas, and if not you can always ask the front desk how you can join to one.

Food – The food in Corfu is not expensive, so you should not pay more then 15-20 euros for a whole meal.

What to do

We have landed in Corfu, what’s next?

There is so much to see around the island, and you need to decide about what you want to see and do first, depend on your time and type of vacation. Corfu is great for families, couples and singles! Most of the people who coming to Corfu are here for to get the perfect tan line. But, beside those, Corfu has a lot else to offer.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town divided to two – The old and the new.

In the new part of Corfu you can find brand shops, restaurant, and more. But the old part is more interesting to discover. The small and narrow streets of Corfu are full with shops that sell great body soaps and spices. In every corner you will find a crepe stand that also sell great orange juice (I know, it sounds wired but it’s actually good!).

The Corfu harbor is a recommend place to go along with Old Fortress castle, especially during the sunset. You will get the see the oldest treasures of the island, in addition to a beautiful sunset.

Where to get tan

Corfu has the most beautiful beaches, and a perfect sun that will get you brown in now time. When of the things I liked about this island, that it’s mostly adults, and young people that also seek for peace and quite on their vacation, so they respect you and themselves. So it doesn’t matter where you will decided to get you tan, you enjoy it.

Porto Timoni

One of the most beautiful places in Corfu located on the north part of the island and very challenging to get there. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from the village, but the view is worth it. Also recommended to get water and food because there isn’t any services on the beach. Comfortable shoes are a must!


A beautiful beach shore with crystal clear waters and a lot of tavernas and restaurants around. This area needs more then a day to hang out. There some hotels near by this area, but it’s 45-1 hour drive from Corfu old city. So if you like the quite and the crystal clear view, you might want to stay around this area for longer then one day.

Around the area there is the Paleokastritsa Monastery, a beautiful church with a great view over Paleokastritsa coast line.

Just note that this area is more expensive then others, included the restaurants and things to do.

Paradise Beach

A piece of heaven on earth. It’s a 200-300 meters of white shell sand in the middle of nowhere, and you will like it! If you like quite, and the feeling of being lost and still rescued, this is this the place for you. The water are blue and clear, and the mountains are high.

To get to Paradise beach you will have to get a tour from Paleokastritsa or hire your own boat and navigate to get there. Personally I recommend to join a tour.

The tour will take you to see the blue eye cave, and other place along the coast line. The guides are nice and will tell you stories about the Greek Mythology and the history of Corfu.

Price: 20 euros per person.


About an hour away from Corfu old city there’s a great little town, with amazing beach – Kassiopi.

It has  a nice selection of shops and restaurants with a nice walkway. There is also a lovely harbour with an option to rent a boat to Corfu town and other places. Around the area there is historical buildings such as a castle and churches. A nice half day trip.

Sidari area

Clean Beach with shallow water. My favorite area was Canal D’amour (picture below), a rocky area, with amazing view. You can get great cocktails on the bar, and get tan on a sun bed. The fairy tail says that if you jump from the cliff and swim to the rock in the middle of the bay, and then swimming back to the shore, you will meet your true soulmate. Care to try? (Recommended after 2-3 cocktails).

Canal D’amour

Kanoni beach

Paradise Beach

Where to eat

Beside the amazing Greek and Italian food that you will find in Corfu, there are also also hidden upcoming bakeries and desserts you have to try!

Bakalokafenio – We got to this cafe accidentally, after my mom insisted to go and see a church on the top of the hill next to Paleokastritsa area. We started to drive, and the hill was so steep that I was sure I’m about to die. At the top, we stopped to admire the beauty of the island, and we entered a shop that turned out to be a beautiful bakery. I had one of the best coffee and pecan pie I have ever ate! Highly recommend!

Bellissimo – Although this place sounds Italian, they have the best Greek food in Corfu Old Town. This place always have a waiting list, and I recommend to get there in the early evening to get a table. Try their Greek traditional food, and enjoy the music they playing.

Divino Ristrobistro – This Italian restaurant will make you feel like you in Italy. This place also located in Corfu Old Town, but in the Italian street (Gkilford street, full with other Italian restaurant if you prefer Italian). They have a great selection of pizzas, pastas, and great wine! And – it’s all home made.

Where to sleep

Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel is probably one of the best hotels I have stayed. Not because it’s large room or service, but just because it’s perfect location and view of the island. It’s a luxurious 5 stars hotel, with a great pool that located on the cliff, and a clear elevator that will take you to their perfect beach. Honestly, do you need more then that?

What to wear

The weather in Corfu is amazing! It’s just  hot enough so you won’t sweat, and not cold so you don’t need any jacket. Everything that you will pack to you vacation will go perfectly with the background, but for this type of vacation, I recommend to take short and fun dresses, your greek sandals, and a bunch of your favorite swimsuits.

Around the island and the Old town of Corfu you will find local shops and familiar brands. Personally, when I’m travel I like to shop things I will never find back at my city, so I suggest to open your eyes and spot them!


Dress – Vintage

Shoes and Bag – Free People


Hope you liked my guide and will go visit there soon!

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