Floral Summer Clutch Giveaway

Floral Summer Clutch Giveaway
It’s been a while now since I’m Me-Dusa brand ambassador, and they become my mentors, friends and family! But above all, they have amazing high quality bags, cool colors, and they fit everything I’m wearing. If I didn’t got you until now, you can check all the cool bloggers who already purchased their bags such as Tezza and Chiara Ferragni, or read one of my first posts on the blog which I wrote about them.
One of the things I like about them, as I wrote before is the colors. A good bag could pop up all your outfit or ruin it completely. Honestly? When decided to match the the yellow clutch I had too many options, I really goes with almost everything I tried on. Jeans and white top, this red dress, everything white or color block blue. The print on the clutch just match everything I like to wear during this New York summer. By the way, if you have any cool matching ideas, I’m always open to try!
We gave it a lot of thought and we decided to collaborate and giveaway one cool summer clutch to a lucky follower! It’s the first time I’m hosting something like that, so I’m very excited and really hope to see a lot of you participate.
To enter, you need to see the Giveaway picture on my IG and:
Tag 2 friends
Follow @danielle_kle + @Medusabags on Instagram
Bonus entrance: Screenshot Post & Tag me + Medusa in your IG story!
  • This will continue until Monday midnight EST, July 16. The winner will announce on Tuesday, July 17.
  • The giveaway is international!

Can’t wait to see how you style your yellow clutch this summer, where ever you in the world.

Hope you will enjoy this,

Have a great rest of the week,

Xx Danielle.

Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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