New York Fashion Week ss19 Part I

New York Fashion Week ss19 Part I

The most fashionable and important week in the fashion world always starts in New York Fashion Week. In the fashion world, September is the most important month of the year as it opens doors to many new trends that will come. Vogue covered a very comprehensive article that this year especially, New York Fashion Week is going to be the biggest week ever! Until now we would see designers present in the ‘regular places’ of fashion week (mainly in the west side piers), this year we saw runways in every corner of the city.
This September was the third time I was present in New York fashion week. My fashion week experiences started a year ago in Alexander Wong’s show and another runway of CAAFD, continued for three half-days in February NYFW. This time for the Winter / Autumn 2019 fashion week I prepared myself a few months in advance and decided that I would go to as many days as possible.
I looked at the dates, asked for days off from work in advance, made contact with features designers, prepared an exact schedule and so I won’t forget anything I wanted to do or see.


About a week before fashion week started I made sure I had invitations to the runways I wanted see, and then the really big issues began. What the hell to wear?
Do you know the phrase – ‘a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’? Hey, this is me. Piles of clothes were lying on my bed and looking at me, and I was looking back on them until I could figure out what and how I was going to wear. I checked the weather and planned according to it.
I decided to go with my key items, such as logo belts and bold colors. I flipped through magazines and looked for cool trends, because if I won’t  wear something trendy or Gucci I would not be photographed.
Equipped with my two good friends Rom Aloni (@romaloni1) and Savion Ron (@savionron), I was ready to go.

The First Day

“I have to look my best” – was my mantra of that day. The anxiety grew bigger the night before, I couldn’t fall asleep with excitement, and woke up completely mess in the morning. Unfortunately to me, the weather that day included humidity of 90% and 30 degrees Celsius, so I had no choice but to ditch microeconomics and to do something about my hair. I knew that I needed to the time to myself, so I preferred to take the morning at home.

The Daily Schedule

12:00 – Indonesian Diversity
15:00 – Fashion Palette Australian Group Show
18:00 – Chromat
20:00 – Athanasiou
21:00 – Heart art event

The daily look

Suit – Pioo Pioo

Belt – vintage Moschino

Pouch – Medusa

Sunglass – Old Celine

The first runway of the day was in the Industria in Greenwich Village of Indonesian designers, and turned out to be an interesting surprise. The colors and the dresses were beautiful. The audience who came to see the show was chic and cool, but they all came to support young women trying to succeed in the modest fashion world, and create something that would be both chic and suitable for women who dress like that.
Outside Industria was the real action with a group of girls we were lucky to meet. All of them Muslim women who live in the United States, but originally their families from neighboring countries to Israel. It was interesting to talk to them about fashion, what listen to their thought  about the show.

The next runway was the Australian designers panel, but unfortunately we were unable to enter. The show started at 15:00, and the arrival time is approximately 30 minutes before. When we arrived at 14:30 back to Indestria we the security arguing with some bloggers. From a brief inquiry it turned out that we were too late and the place was already full! Things like that in Fashion Week opens sometimes, and you have to take into account that even if you have a guaranteed seat, it doesn’t mean you can get inside.

We decided to take advantage of the break and went to change clothes more comfortable.
After much deliberation and consultation with fellow bloggers, we decided to go to a Chromat runway, designer swimsuit and lingerie that makes noise in New York City since 2010.
The show was in the official location of Fashion Week, Spring Studios. A slight delay in the subway made us arrive about 20 minutes before the show, which is not recommended for big runway.
We ran from the Subway to the corner of the street. My breath was taken away when I saw the line to the event (was at least two blocks long). So we did what bloggers were expected to do, and tried to figure out if the people in line have tickets or they trying their luck.
When we realized that most of the people standing in line did not even have tickets to enter, we went to security at the entrance and entered immediately.
The runway began a little late because of the desire for everything to be perfect.
The lights went down, and a bluish background of pool water appeared on the walls.
Each look was a winner, and encourage women of any size and age to be confident about their bodies.
The runway swept away all the media and people in the place because there was nothing fake. It was easy to see how fashion looked in the eyes of Chromat’s designer.

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Shocked and excited, we continued the evening to another runway of German designers in the SoHo studio, and to new designer shows in a synagogue (yes, a synagogue), in Lower East Side.
Although it was the first day, I already felt the fatigue in my body and soul, and wondered what my other four days would look like. As a beginner blogger I have to schedule everything myself, which can be very difficult especially when I have other commitments.


Hope you enjoyed the first part,
I encourage you to comment here with any question or request you may have related to my experience,
XOXO Daniel

Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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