Design Sources To Draw Inspiration From (Other Than Pinterest)

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the most varied and beneficial sources for inspiration when it comes to potential design projects. Sadly, its millions of users will often neglect other fantastic concepts suppliers and their design queues.

You may be wondering why you would leave Pinterest when it already has everything you need? Well, the answer is simple, in that you need to vary your sources of inspiration for the most wholesome and diverse vision. Let’s investigate the other treasure troves of art and design available for free online. There is a worldwide web’s worth of stimulation and ideas waiting to be discovered!


You might have guessed from its name, Designspiration is ideal for those searching for motivation in the design department. Like Pinterest, its feed reaches out over a comprehensive range of design subjects, perfect for anyone involved in a creative field.

Designspiration is ideal for those looking for artists to idolize and emulate. If you have motivating content to share with others, then feel free to distribute it across Designspiration’s pages for all your friends and followers to enjoy.

Designspiration’s leading attribute must be the way its search function has been designed, aimed at helping users to find the obscurer hidden gems in the design industry. It also enables those with specialized tastes to find exactly what they need.

We Heart It

Imagine a more accessible Pinterest, geared more towards helping people discover broader fields of design trends. We Heart It skips on some of the more complex features which Pinterest is geared with to better hurry along a user’s hunt for various artists and their work.

Rather than using the pins and boards system which Pinterest is famous for, We Heart It provides a general space and feed for saving your interests in. This site is ideal for those in need of a more general source of inspiration.


Widely considered to be Pinterest’s biggest competition in the market, Juxtapost has been making waves in the past few years with a website design which seems to have streamlined everything which Pinterest provides, and more.

The best part about Juxtapost is its “More Like This” function, providing users with a far greater range of content similar to that which they have fallen in love with. Every detail which you find relevant on Juxtapost can easily be shared in a spreadsheet document where one can compile and browse their different themes with pleasure.


Do you ever find yourself going through Pinterest, digging into a particular theme, when you start feeling rather jaded with the quality of the content? The leaders at Piccsy recognized just how much subpar content was flooding Pinterest and decided that they could facilitate a far classier and pristine source of inspiration for its users.

Too often, a potentially beneficial image or idea will be scrolled past due to its shabby appearance or presentation. Piccsy will ensure that any bit of content which you browse through will be nothing sort of excellent.

Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein

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