Best Location For The Animal Lovers Around The World

For a lot of people, pets are considered as full-fledged family members. In essence, traveling without them is like leaving one of your children at home. At first, we may enjoy our vacation but at the end of the day, we get worried about them and cannot enjoy our vacation to the fullest.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about them anymore on your next travel. There are now pet-friendly destinations on different parts of the world that you can consider so you can make your next travel more enjoyable this time your pet canine or feline. Let us take a look at some pet-friendly destinations you can check out.

Menorca, Spain

A trip to Menorca with your pet will truly be worthwhile. Most hotels, vacation rentals, and villas are dog-friendly. Dining out will never be an issue as dogs are most welcome in most establishments. You can take your dog pooch for a walk around the village or on the beaches.

Fjords of Norway

If you are looking for little adventure with a touch of history and absolute beauty, the Fjords of Norway is the place to be. Aside from its breathtaking appeal, it is also dog-friendly too. Whatever activity you indulge in, the sights and attractions are pet-friendly.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Are you looking for something that caters more on the leisure side? How about taking a cruise aboard The Queen Mary 2. This luxury ship provides comfortable accommodations for both owners and pet. The liner stops over in St Croix where most establishments provide the welcome mat to leashed dogs. Take your pet for a walk along the pristine beaches.


Tasmania offers several miles of hiking trails both on and off the beaten path. The beaches are tempting enough for both master and pet that they would want to stay permanently. Most hotels and vacation rentals are pet friendly. Tasmania is truly a dream destination for pet loving travelers.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a destination you should include in your travel bucket list. From hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing with your pet canine or feline. This Hungarian capital offers a lot of activities you can indulge in. Take a walk along the river edge, appreciate the stunning architecture, and before the day ends, take a break at one of the many canine-friendly cafes lined up in the city streets.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is the ideal destination for adventure-seeking travelers and their pets. From the amazing hiking trails, dog-friendly beaches, and a plethora of off-leash dog parks. The botanical gardens and the wharf reserve are also great destinations to visit with your dog.

Not only does this New Zealand destination offer dog welcoming accommodations, but they also provide amazing hiking trails, dog-friendly beaches and tons of off-leash dog parks to choose from. From the botanical gardens to the wharf reserve, Auckland is a dog (and dog lover’s) paradise.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is the most pet-friendly destination in Europe. Most establishments welcome pooches and you wouldn’t find any problem finding water bowls in front of shops and restaurants. Right next to Rome, there is even a beach exclusively for dogs. There they can play freely and take part in sports activities such as yoga or Pilates with you.

United Kingdom

Prior to January 2012, traveling to the United Kingdom with pets was unthinkable due to quarantine regulations. All that has changed as you can now travel with your dog or cat to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and to any other country in the European Union. This auger well for pet lovers as the UK is known for being a haven for hikers and dog owners.

These are just some of the destinations pet lovers can include in their checklist for their next tour without having to leave their pets behind in their home country.

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